About the project

The renovation of DSB's (Danish National Railroads) 180-metre-long old freight railway hotel transformed the ugly duckling into a beautiful swan, and the building now houses a 6-storey open office space.

The building was originally designed by architect Ole Hagen and Vilhelm Lauritzen architects are behind the thorough renovation of the building from the 1960s.

The design was based on the original expression and continued and reinforced the qualities with which the house was born.

This applies, among other things, to the simple, understated facade, where the window sections in a clear rhythm become progressively smaller upwards from the ground floor.

The large window sections open up the building and the impressive ceiling height of just under 4.5 meters combined with the 3.8 meter high window sections open up the rooms and natural daylight is cast all the way into the deep building

The facade's slender double profiles in aluminum have been specially developed for KB32 in collaboration with HSHansen.

The profiles are extruded, but due to their slender finish and precise beveled joints, they appear more like steel frames.

The custom-made elements not only frame the large window sections, but also hide element joints and integrate solar shading. The external sunshades match the matt gray facade colour, so that they appear as part of the facade geometry when rolled down.

The specially made and refined facade elements have a special matt surface treatment that catches the light in the same way as the raw board-shelled concrete surfaces.

The new facade has been a basic prerequisite to ensure state-of-the-art energy and indoor climate requirements.


Office building of the year 2022 (Nohrcon)
Nominated for the Renovator Award 2022
The city's best architecture 2022