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Unitised Engineering

Hansen UnitAl®

Hansen UnitAl is a prefabricated unitised curtain wall system with endless design possibilities for quick closure of the building envelope.

Prefab moves hours from the building site to a controlled environment and results in significantly shorter on-site construction time.


Hansen UnitAl is a unitised curtain wall system for quick closure of the building envelope.

Record-fast closing of facades can significantly shorten the total construction time of the building. For smaller cases, standard profiles are often used, while larger cases may include newly developed profiles, where the client and architect can make their mark on the profile geometry.

It is possible to design the modules with both transparent and infilled areas or transparent panels with glass thicknesses from 4-73 mm.
The fillings contain wind plate, insulation and a vapor seal. The transparent areas can be both fixed glazing and opening vents or a combination of both.

On the outside of the facade system, architectural elements can be built in the form of e.g. stone, aluminum cladding or sun shading.

HansenUnitAl elements are usually produced in a width of 3,000 mm for transport, while the height often corresponds to 1 or 2 times the floor height. With the right planning and execution, approx. 400 m² full finished facade per. working day.

In the event of a requirement for a reduced climate footprint, HSHansen can supply aluminum profiles produced using renewable energy sources. This special aluminum alloy reduces the CO2 emissions for the Hansen System Profiles by more than 75% compared to standard aluminum.