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Hansen Fasad® is a traditional stick curtain wall system, offering a wide range of applications.

It is possible to incorporate openable windows, infills, shadow boxes, sliding doors etc. 

The system can be used both as a vertical facade and as inclined roof glazing

Glass Facades & Glass/Aluminium Facades

HansenFasad® includes a wide range of box and T-profiles in varying depths. Profiles are assembled according to static requirements and architectural wishes.

With HansenFasad, glass facades can be built with the option of installing opening fields, fillings, sliding doors, etc.

The system can accommodate glass thicknesses ranging from 4 to 69mm.​​​​​​ depending on the need in the actual project. Further there is a large variety of box- and T-profiles to accommodate the wish of the architect and statically requirements.

Unlike competing systems Hansen Fasad incorporates a thermal break without fastening through the thermal break. This increases the thermal performance of the system with an addition to the U-value of 0.3 W / m²K according to the European standard.

The system can be used both as vertical facades as well as skylight constructions and is available with glass thicknesses from 4 to 69 mm depending on the need of the current project.

Facades can be supplied for any project request and requirement for U- and G-values.

HansenFasad® is also offered in variants such as brand classified for EI and EW 60 (limited profile selection) and copper facades.