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HansenMillennium® offers unique solutions with the world's slimmest aluminium profiles for any building type.

The slim profiles allow a maximum amount of light and energy into the building.

The system combines classic architecture with modern features, and the minimalist expression with narrow frames ensures maximum utilization of daylight in the building.

This is the window system everyone falls in love with at first sight!

Discover our unique window and door system with extremely slim profiles

HansenMillennium® windows are designed with character and unrivalled beauty. Our discreet profiles ensure maximum glass area for a stunning appearance. The window system is ideal for both new construction and renovation. Our slim profiles can be integrated flush with the façade to fulfil architects' wishes.

Windows with narrow profiles ensure optimal light and energy penetration. Hansen Millennium combines classic architecture with modern features, and the minimalist expression with narrow frames ensures maximum utilisation of natural light in the building. It is an ideal solution for both new construction and façade renovation.

Because we understand that every building has unique requirements, our profile system can be customised for each project. We specialise in creating tailor-made solutions.

HansenMillennium® can be used both indoors and outdoors. When installed internally, the profile system is uninsulated and equipped with single glazing.

The Millennium system includes a wide range of solutions, including doors, sliding doors, windows, fixed elements and glass façades. Whatever your needs, we have the perfect solution for you.

Contact us today for more information about our innovative HansenMillennium® windows and how they can enrich your building project. We look forward to helping you create a unique and inspiring environment.

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The window profile is as slim as 28.5 mm.

See the difference with narrow profiles:

Windows with slim sightlines

Window design with respect for the past

In the early 1900s, windows and façades were often made with narrow steel profiles, and this architecture can still be found in many parts of Northern Europe.

As architecture changes and standards improve with technological developments, better windows, doors and façade systems are in demand.

Old steel windows have no thermal bridge insulation, causing a large energy loss and collecting condensation.

With respect for the past and the existing architecture, HansenGroup has developed a profile system that not only retains the narrow profiles and maximises light penetration, but also meets the strictest requirements for U-values now and in the future.

The design of the profiles has been done in close collaboration with leading architects and respect for the past is the common thread that ensures a high aesthetic and appealing appearance for the entire system.

Doors and windows from HansenMillennium are therefore particularly suitable for renovation projects, e.g. in connection with energy optimisation of older buildings with large window sections, where steel windows in factory halls or stable windows with glazing bars and arches need to be replaced.

Can also be integrated with HansenFacade systems


HansenMillennium® is ideal for the construction of semi-circular and round window sections.

Alternative window Shapes - HansenMillennium

HansenMillennium® is available as

  • Windows

  • Doors

  • Smaller facades (not curtain walling)

  • 2+1 (coupled frame system) with integrated blinds for optimal lifetime and maintenance, or as a non-insulated system with profile design like old steel barn windows.

  • EI60


HansenMillennium® comes standard with concealed turn-tilt brackets. This is particularly suitable where the architect does not want to disturb the façade expression.
If the architect wants to emphasise the opening more clearly in the architectural expression, the system is also available with visible fittings.

The tilt and turn window is a good alternative to ventilation openings in the frame, as the thermal and acoustic refraction is maintained when the window is closed.

HansenMillennium® has concealed drains as standard.

Doors are available with both concealed and visible door closers.

HansenMillennium® is listed in the database of building products that can be used in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled buildings.