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Kværnerdammen Townhouses

Designed by Arcana Arkitekter AS
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About the project

Turbinveien in Kværnerbyen was known for its turbine production, which took place all over the area.

Kvaerner produced both hydropower, gas and steam turbines, and in recent years they experimented with wind turbines, wind turbines and wave power.


In Kværnerdammen, AF Gruppen has built 89 apartments and seven so-called «Townhouses» in the old industrial area and the new Oslo district Kværnerbyen.

Although most of the project has been built completely new, an outer wall from the old factory premises to «Kvaerner Brug» has been restored and reused in the row of modern «Townhouses».

The windows in the old facade are made so that they are reminiscent of the old factory windows which were made of cast iron.


Architect: Arcana Arkitekter AS