About the project

On Møn in Denmark you will find the only preserved juice station out of the original four. 

The historically significant building, located in Damme, ceased its juice production in 1929 and has since had a tumultuous existence. Over the years, it has served as a storage facility for a road museum, a production site for guardrails, and an exhibition space for theater scenography.

Today, the building has been completely renovated and transformed into an amazing place. The impressive main hall can accommodate 150 people, and three holiday apartments have also been created, allowing guests to enjoy the beautiful idyllic setting.

The renovation of the Juice Station was carried out with great respect for the original architecture. The choice of HansenMillennium for the replacement of windows and doors was carefully considered, as it was important for the client that the new elements complemented the original windows, some of which are still preserved. The placement of stylebars in windows and doors has been thoughtfully designed to align throughout the length of the building, creating harmony in the overall expression.

The Juice Station received the Renovation Award from Vordingborg Municipality in 2021.

Visit the Juice Station and experience the perfect combination of historical charm and modern comfort. Whether you are hosting an event in the impressive main hall or looking to spend a relaxing holiday in one of our beautiful holiday apartments, the Juice Station will be a delightful choice.


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