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Postbyen (under construction)

Designed by Arkitema
Copenhagen, Denmark
Market sectors

About the project

The "post-city" is located on the site where the old postal terminal has been located, adjacent to Copenhagen Central Station.

It will be a completely new neighborhood in central Copenhagen filled with urban life, business, and residences.

It consists of 5 towers ranging from 28 to 115 meters, several office blocks (including Danske Bank's future headquarters), as well as a series of public promenades, squares, and urban gardens.

HSHansen in Denmark is fully engaged in the installation of 2.074 prefabricated unitized facade elements!

It has been a lengthy process from developing profiles, 3D models, production, storage, and transportation to the assembly of the prefabricated HansenUnitAl elements with the new HansenMonorail crane system, which has been developed for the project.


Architect: Arkitema
Developer: Danica Pension