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Kobbertårnet (The Copper Tower)

Designed by Arkitema
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About the project

"Kobbertårnet" (the copper tower) is a unique building at the northern entrance to Copenhagen in 16 floors.

Facades made as unitised elements with an external surface in copper, and the choice of copper for the facade presented a number of challenges for Arkitema in the design.

Due to the reaction between the materials, rainwater running down the facade will usually attack other of the metallic parts of the structure and etch them away in a few years.

HSHansen has developed two systems in which copper, as the outer visible part, and aluminum, as the load-bearing inner structure, are separated without risk of corrosion. Copper facades currently offered as HansenFasad and copper windows as HansenMillennium®.

On the ground floor there are shops and a café, while the rest of the house is the headquarters of the law firm Plesner. The building was nominated for the 2005 Mies van der Rohe Award.