About the project

Carlton Hill Phase II - A Reference Project for Student Housing in Leeds

Carlton Hill Phase II is a groundbreaking project that encompasses the construction of student housing for a total of 604 students in Leeds. This impressive building rises up to 15 floors at its highest point and boasts several beautifully landscaped rooftop gardens. The open concept is evident right from the ground floor, which features its own inner courtyard, creating a perfect blend of natural and interactive spaces for the students.

The facade system is highly innovative, utilizing pre-fabricated HansenUnitAl modular facades with special facade brackets designed to bear the full load of the facade in a single bracket due to significant protrusions in the post-tension slabs.

The louvered construction on the facade is engineered to withstand vibrations, and the entire facade is equipped with advanced fire safety solutions in accordance with the latest English standards, although not yet officially adopted. This ensures that fire cannot spread from one section to another.

The windows above the entrances are designed with inspiration from the renowned Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, and the canopies are elegantly freestanding and suspended between the supporting columns.

To ensure optimal energy efficiency, the entire building features sun-shading glass, and its air tightness is remarkably high, with a value of only 3m3/(hm2), m2 = external envelope area, which testing has documented has been achieved more than sufficient.

Carlton Hill Phase II stands as an impressive example of modern architectural design, offering both innovation and functionality for the students residing here. This project is a proud reference within Leeds' residential construction landscape, setting new standards for future student housing endeavors.


OwnerB & B Pickard Properties

Main Contractor: GMI Construction Group