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Custom Made

One of our specialties is custom made systems, and over the years we have developed thousands of profiles.

Our solutions include CellGlazing, double facades, sun shading, interior facades, balcony closures, acoustic windows and many more.


We can offer solutions for projects of all kinds and sizes

We are first and foremost project developers ... our development is driven by the challenges we face on a daily basis by our customers and architects

  • project-adapted systems for facades / curtain walls
  • project-adapted systems for doors and windows

With a large number of standard systems as a starting point, we can with the assistance of our own development department adapt a system to the specifications of an architect, client or contractor in a project.

It is our development department that makes us able to design, produce and test new profiles in existing systems faster than any other facade contractor.

We speak the same language as Danish architects and have gained a great deal of expertise in Scandinavian design - often characterized by a minimalist architecture.


Below is a list of some of the systems and products we work with, as well as a short description of what we can offer.

We listen to the customer's needs and put together the right solution for the specific project.

As the only facade contractor in Denmark we offer the entire package with sales, consulting, development, design, production, assembly and service. This enables us to solve any task we may be challenged with!

All gathered at one partner. Shorter decision-making process, faster development, better economy!