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Balcony Closure

Balcony closure in one day!

We have transferred our many experiences from modular facades to our balcony closing projects.



In the past, housing associations have had to live with large stocks of materials in front of the building along with platform lifts for weeks.
With HansenBalcony, we remove all this and close entire stairwells in one day!

A large number of profile designs with sliding or folding windows are in the system, and we continuously extrude / design new profiles in collaboration with our customers and architects.

Our balcony closure is a Danish developed and produced profile system for closing balconies which can contribute to optimal utilization of the home's area.

We offer:

  • Opening functions as desired
    Folding windows / doors that open the facade 100%, or sliding windows / doors that do not take up space inside
  • Single-layer glass or double-glazed windows
    The starting point is single-layer glass, but in areas with noise exposure, double-glazed windows can help to reduce noise significantly - just as the insulation capacity increases
  • All types of glass
    We are Denmark's largest buyer of glass for building facades and offer all kinds of glass: clear, energy-coated, colored or matte
  • Large elements with easy operation
    Hansen Balcony can be delivered with a sliding element up to 1.5 meters in width and 2.2 meters in height - without affecting the easy daily operation. Special measurements on request.
  • Doors / windows with or without lock
    Elements can also be supplied with a cylinder for key operation from the outside at ground level
  • Colors are offered according to the entire RAL scale or anodizing.
    No standard colors but exactly as desired!