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Sound insulation and ventilation window

Sound insulation and ventilation in one solution.

The window is more of a concept than just a system! It is comfort and well-being at no extra cost!

This type of window is often referred to as "Russian windows" or "ventilation windows", where the coupling of 2 window elements opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

As noise reduction at the same time as ventilation, our elements are completely unparalleled.

The system can ensure that a project complies with the Planning Legislation's requirement of 0.35 m² of ventilation area ("Noise from roads", Guidance from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency No. 4 2007). Based on project sketches, we can estimate how much noise attenuation will be based on a number of sound experiments carried out with Delta.

There is to a large extent design freedom, as long as the basic principle of an opening at the bottom outside and an opening inside the top is observed. Width, height, depth and other design wishes can be customized.

Especially for commercial construction, the concept offers to move investments in animals and energy-intensive mechanical ventilation to a more intelligent facade. Better indoor climate, lower operating costs and longer service life of components such as solar shading are achieved. Calculations show a neutral capital investment by going from mechanical ventilation to natural or hybrid ventilation combined with our ventilation windows- and the savings in operation are just an extra plus for the economy and the environment!

To get the full benefit of Hansen 3G, it must be thought into the building from an early stage. The windows / facades must be seen as an active player in the building and not just a protection against wind and rain.

Projects using Sound insulation and ventilation window